EROS: Released Lyric video of an epic track from the band's first album

The band EROS is one of the great representatives of Brazilian Thrash Metal since the late 80s. In its discography is the classic album "Road To Wisdom", released in 1990. From this album some songs were extracted and re-released on the EP "Back With Wisdom" in 2018.

Now, Eros has just released a Lyric Video for the song "Lost Empire", an epic track released on the album "Road To Wisdom" and ending this album. Themys (vocalist, guitarist and founder of the band) comments on the Lyric Video: "The song 'Lost Empire' was an epic song made by EROS on the album 'Road to Wisdom', released in 1990 and is the last track on vinyl. It tells the fictional story of a medieval war of the conquest of a kingdom, with battles, conquests and reconquest of territory". For Themys "heavy metal has an opera aspect, requiring a story and a riff to accompany the lyrics."

The musician also comments an interesting fact about the duration of the song, at the time of its release: "Lost Empire has this format. A 7 minute song, however, the original song was 12 minutes, but as at that time for Vinyl to have sound quality, each side of the vinyl should not be longer than 23 minutes. As the songs on the record were not short, to fit 7 songs on vinyl it was necessary to reduce "Lost Empire" and adapt, but the maximum we could reduce it was for 7 minutes".

Eros will eventually release more lyric videos from the "Road To Wisdom" album. Watch the lyric video for the song "Lost Empire":

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