WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS: Band is nominated in the category of best Extreme Album of the Escuchar Award

In 2021 the Escuchar Prize have its 3rd edition and nominates musicians from the independent scene and from the Chilean specialized media. The nominees are chosen by judges in this important award dedicated to independent Rock / Metal artists from Chile.

The Progressive Death Doom band WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS is competing in the Best Extreme Album category of the award. They were nominated with the album "Conquering The Deep Cycle".

“Conquering The Deep Cycle” is the band's second album released in the second half of 2019, recorded at Farm and Audio Custom Studios, mixed and mastered by Richard Iturra and released by Australis Records with international distribution. The song “The Flame” was the first single from the new album, released in music video.

Check out the video clip for the song "The Flame":

WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS was also nominated in the Best Show category, with its performance at the Festival "Lado Salvaje" in Mendoza in Argentina in 2018.

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